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Why Is It So Difficult to Remove Soot?

Published by SEO on August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Soot and smoke behind the fire fighterAfter a fire incident, it is important to contact an experienced home damage restoration company like 911 Restoration of Everett. We have a team of certified professionals who understand the hazards and have access to the right equipment and skill-sets needed to restore a fire-damaged home. From a thorough cleanup to soot removal, we do it all, restoring your home into a livable condition just like before.

When it comes to home restoration after fire damage, soot removal is a crucial step that homeowners should not carry by themselves. Soot is primarily the black and fine particles that accumulate where a fire has blazed. It is yield when fire comes into contact with combustion sources or carbon-filled materials in the home.

These can include materials like coal, oils, plastic, and wood. Soot occurs because of incomplete burning materials, which is heavily contaminated with numerous toxic chemical compounds such as chromium, cadmium, arsenic, carbon monoxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde. This makes it both difficult and dangerous to clean and remove.

Here are some other reasons why it’s so difficult to remove.

·      Tiny Particles

The particles of soot are tinier than sand particles and one-third of the diameter of a human hair. Now you can easily imagine how fine these particles are. Even the dust particles are bigger than soot. Given the tiny and minute size of soot particles, it is extremely difficult to clean and remove soot completely unless done by a professional.

·      Incredibly Fine Particles That Settle Deep Down

Apart from being extremely tiny in size, soot particles are incredibly fine. This further makes it easy for the soot particles to settle deep into the porous surfaces. Moreover, this can be a tricky ordeal and a challenge for homeowners to clean and ensure a spotlessly clean/ soot-free home.

Besides this, the fine particles of soot also travel through walls, drift into the attic and ventilation systems. This adds to the difficulty in soot removal and cleaning because you have to remove soot that is visible to your eyes and look for potential areas where soot can travel or settle down.

As a result, it makes the task difficult and time-consuming because you have to clean HVAC and other systems thoroughly too.

HVAC cleanup is highly recommended and should not be ignored. You may get the place cleaned from soot, but you may have to deal with soot, smoke damage, and odor again when the HVAC system is turned on.

·      It’s Messy

Getting rid of soot is also difficult because it is messy and hard to clean. The oil residue from the soot leaves stains and marks everywhere, which aren’t easy to clean. Plus, as it is acidic in nature, it must be cleaned carefully. Otherwise, the problem can worsen. Any contact of soot with paint inside the house discolors the surfaces. And when these particles are left over for a long time on painted surfaces, the coating eventually softens and is damaged—making it even messier. Besides this, if the soot lodges inside electronic devices, it corrodes the metal parts of the devices, causing more damage.

·      Hazardous to Health

Another reason that makes it extremely difficult to clean and remove soot is the fact that it is hazardous. If homeowners are not properly equipped and take preventive measures like wearing protective clothing and respirator with a good filter, they can put their lives at risk. The soot particles are so tiny that they can go into your lungs, causing respiratory problems.

Exposure to soot puts you at the risk of numerous breathing issues like asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. Studies show that breathing in soot particles for a long period can lead to early death. Statistics show that approximately 20,000 individuals die because of inhaling soot particles yearly. Diseases from soot are the top cause of early or premature deaths in people.

In addition to this, soot particles can irritate the skin and cause eye problems. Proper eye protection is needed before you start soot removal. Therefore, don’t compromise on your health or the air quality of your home; for home restoration after fire, contact 911 Restoration of Everett.

How We Can Help

We have a team of experienced and certified home restoration experts trained in soot removal and cleanup. Our experts can come to your home in 45 minutes with the right equipment and help you clean up after the fire. We reach your premises without any delay because we understand that smoke damage and soot can spread quickly even when the fire is out.

If soot isn’t cleaned right away and correctly, discoloration and corrosion to a property can be permanent. Therefore, we arrive fast and make sure the situation is under control.

From cleaning the house to removing soot from all nooks and corners to ensuring the quality of air and performing all restoration work, we ensure your home is clean and safe to live in. For more information about our soot removal services or assistance, get in touch today. Allow our team to help you and restore your home.

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